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About Us

Member of NACCP * National Association of Child Care Professionals
Member of ACEI * Association for Childhood Education International

"Activities For Kids" Inc.,
founded in 1983, is housed at the Glenbrook Community Center. We are a non-profit 501(C3) charitable organization. Our Programs include the "After School Kids," an After School program for elementary school children ages 5-11. Middle school children (ages 10-12) may also attend the After School program and our eighth graders serve as CITs. Many of our High School counselors have been with us since the age of five! At the end of the school year, we continue with our Summer Day Camp for children 5-12 years old. We also have a Nursery and Preschool program, the Glenbrook Community Center PLAYSCHOOL, that has been in operation since 1981. The PLAYSCHOOL enrolls children ages 2-5: pre-kindergarten, three year old class and toddler class.  YES!  We have a TWO's Program!!!  And.....

Join the GCC PLAYSCHOOL for 2016!!! 

      A Fantastic Pre-School for Children

      Ages 2-5!!!

        Registration begins on January 27th for September 2016

Join the AFK After-School Kids Program

      Ages 5-12!!!  

     Lots of FUN and Homework Help too!

Join the AFK Summer Day Camp Programs

     Ages 5-12 and Pre-K 2-5!!!  

Call 203-325-9273 to Register!


Mission Statement

Activities for Kids, inc.  ...was organized and

will continue to operate with one simple goal in mind...

to provide children with quality programs, in a safe environment,

 under the supervision of a dedicated and talented staff,

 at a reasonable cost to the parent(s).

                                          Activities For Kids, inc. was founded by Jerry Pia,,
                                         Teddi Pia, Poochie Malloy, and Jill Beaudry.

Executive Director and founder, Jerry Pia: A Stamford native, Jerry is a caring active member of our community. He served on the Board of Education from 1980-1998 (President for 3 terms) and is currently a member again from 2009-pressent.  He also was a member of the Board of Representatives from 2004-2012. He has also been an executive board member of the Northrop Baseball League since 1984 (President from 1988-present) and founded the new Jackie Robinson Baseball League. A singer, songwriter and musician, Jerry even has CDs on iTunes! . He utilizes and integrates these talents into each of the Activities For Kids programs through events such as the Benefit Christmas Concert Shows, Writing Plays and fun events for the AFKids!!!

And on behalf of all....... Thanks to Teddi !!!!!!!

In the Spring of 1981, Teddi came to the Glenbrook Community Center and asked me if she could start a baton twirling class.  I said Yes, and the rest is history!  Every day, Teddi makes the GCC and AFK; and the Northrop and Jackie Robinson leagues.... work so well!  Over 30 years later, we dread to think....."where would we be without Teddi?!?!?"  OMG!!!!

 Her Twirlers were in the 1981 Memorial Day Parade and the Veteran's Day for years and always were fantastic!  They were in the first Thanksgiving Day Parade also!  She was our first Assistant Teacher in our Glenbrook Community Center PreSchool when it started in the Fall of 1981.  And she was a counselor in our first Summer DayCamp in 1982.  In the Fall of 1983, she helped found Activities for Kids, inc with Jill Beaudry, Poochie Malloy and myself!!! 

Teddi is backbone of all our programs!  Everyone loves her.....the hundreds of kids that have passed through these doors, as well as all of our paranets and staff!  She is the person that greets all new parents.  The best first impression.  When I have another one of my BIG IDEAS (!!!) Teddi is always supportive and makes sure that all the details get done!  PreK, After-School, Summer DayCamps, Plays, Floats in Parades, BIG Christmas Shows at the Palace Theatre. to name a few.  And all the day to day things that have to get done that have made us so successful over these last 30 plus years!  I could write all day, but there will never be the right words to express how much she means to all of our programs.... Teddi from all of us, as we celebrate our 30th year of Activities for Kids!!!......    

                                                                                   THANK YOU!

 PS and in 2008, she said Yes! and married me!





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